Over 60 Percent of People Can’t Find the Turtle in This Picture. Can You Spot It?
Over 60 Percent of People Can’t Find the Turtle in This Picture. Can You Spot It?

People have been driving themselves insane over this puzzle that they just can’t seem to solve. Can you figure it out before you punch your computer screen in frustration?

Lenstore recently put out a series of images that contain hidden figures. Of the five puzzles, finding the turtle in the sea of lily pads is proving to be the most difficult. Only 46% of people were successful in solving it. Up for the challenge?

They also looked a little further into the data they collected and found that women seem to have a better eye than men when solving image puzzles. It took women less time and fewer attempts to get it right.

Solve the puzzle here, or test yourself even more and race against the clock with these other puzzles. You have 45 seconds to find the hidden image in each of the five photos. Your overall score is based on how quickly you solve it and how many times you click on the image. Go!

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