Firstly, you need to aim to eat 7 servings of vegetables every day, preferably of 3 or more colours, and make sure you fill half your dinner plate with vegetables.

Cut back on potatoes. Have one or two boiled new potatoes or make a cannellini bean and potato mash replacing half the potato with cannellini beans.

Try other lower GI starchy vegetables for a change, such as a piece of orange sweet potato (kumara).

Choose a really grainy bread, such as stoneground wholemeal, real sourdough bread, or a soy and linseed bread. Look for the GI symbol on the breads you buy.

Start the day with smart carbs like natural muesli or traditional (not instant) porridge oats or one of the lower GI processed breakfast cereals that will trickle fuel into your engine.

Look for the lower GI rices (basmati, Doongara Clever rice or Moolgiri), and choose low-GI whole grains such as pearl barley, buckwheat, burghul (bulgur) or quinoa.

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Learn to love legumes and eat them often
Learn to love legumes and eat them often

Add red kidney beans to a chilli, chickpeas to a stir-fry, a 4-bean salad to a barbecue and beans or lentils to a casserole or soup.


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