A source of surprise, pain, comedy, wisdom and everything in between, this month we celebrate the joy (mostly) of children.

Sometimes, at night, after my son has gone to bed, I go into my room and finish all my sentences. – Paula Poundstone @PaulaPoundstone
Experience the feeling of getting kids ready for school by shouting words like TEETH and SHOES into an abyss whilst crying into a cup of tea. – Amanda @Pandamoanimum

Teach your kids to never give up and then see what happens when you take them to a toy store. Haha, you lose again. – Kalvin Mcleod @KalvinMcleod

Parenthood can be described in one word: Exhaustirewardamnfrustratamazing. – SHANtilly Lace @Shashaintl

Today my 10-year-old son said: “When life gives you lemons, squeeze the lemons in life’s eyes, and demand oranges.” – Steve Carell @SteveCarell

Source: Twitter

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