This makes a wonderful accompaniment to a spicy main dish. It is also good as a vegetarian main course for 2, especially when served with Indian–style pulse or lentil dishes and warm naan. [...]
Yogurt spiced with garlic and mint, then mixed with raw vegetables and high–protein lentils, is delicious spooned onto warmed naan. A few coriander and mint leaves on top add a touch of [...]
Cooking with a little wine – in this case the famous dessert wine from Sicily – gives great depth to a sauce: nearly all the alcohol and kilojoules burn away, leaving behind only [...]
Tandoori dishes are one of the healthiest options in most Indian restaurants because the food is cooked in a tandoor oven without fat. At home, using a hot grill gives similar results. These lean [...]
These mouth–watering Indian–style snacks are very quick to make. Chapattis are the healthiest of Indian breads, as they are often made with wholemeal flour and are usually cooked on a [...]

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