These pancakes are thick and wonderfully light and fluffy. They can be left plain, but adding fruit, such as sliced banana, makes them more exciting, and more nutritious, too. Here they are [...]
Thin pancakes rolled around a tasty filling make a delightful main course. The beauty of this dish is that the pancakes, filling and tomato sauce topping can all be made in advance, then [...]
Indulge your guests with these tasty morsels, made by topping toasted slices of crusty baguette with slices of roma tomato and tangy goat's cheese, sprinkled with pine nuts and fresh herbs. [...]
The texture of this irresistible teabread is a mixture of crumbly ginger–spiced cake and a sticky, sweet prune purée that is rippled through it. The teabread keeps well – in [...]
Pikelets are an almost instant sweet snack. The thick batter is made by simply stirring together a few basic pantry ingredients, and the pikelets cook in minutes. Here they are flavoured with [...]
Use this rich, slightly tart, lightly spiced purée of fresh and dried fruit to replace butter on warm morning toast or muffins. The recipe makes far more than 4 people can enjoy at one [...]
A delicious toasted muesli, this is made from a tempting mix of grains, nuts, seeds and colourful red and blue berries. Stirring maple syrup and orange juice into the mix helps to keep the oil [...]
Fresh bircher muesli, moist from soaking and rich with juicy fruit, is a revelation to those who have only eaten dried muesli. It has the soft consistency of porridge but the freshness of raw [...]
Created in the 1920s at Delmonico's restaurant in New York City, this dish traditionally uses ham or bacon and a rich butter sauce. Here, a lower-fat yogurt and chive hollandaise contrasts with [...]
When time is short, throw together something healthy and sustaining ‘on toast’. Here are some ideas for nutritious toast toppings. Choose wholegrain bread or mixed grain types or rye or pumpernickel.
Quick and easy to prepare, this dish is an ideal midweek dinner but the colourful ingredients make it perfect for a celebratory meal, too. Originating in North Africa, it is also known as chakchouka.
Labna, also spelt labne, labneh or labnah, is a drained yogurt-based cheese popular on mezze platters in Middle Eastern cuisine. It can be drained for longer than 24 hours; the longer it is [...]

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