While lemon zest and parsley enliven this chicken and vegetable soup, carrots, celery and broccoli ensure that it is full of vitamins. The refreshing flavour stimulates the appetite, making the [...]
A wholesome meal–in–a–bowl, this soup is similar to Scotch broth, but made with rabbit rather than lamb. Aromatic tarragon and a mixture of vegetables give the soup a fabulous [...]
Fluffy white dumplings in a light tomato and vegetable broth make a delicious hearty lunch or supper. The soup can be made in advance, and the dumplings can be shaped and chilled to be simmered [...]

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Reader’s Digest Magazine delayed due to coronavirus
Please be advised that due to the current lockdown in Malaysia and the Philippines, Reader’s Digest magazine will not be available at its regular on-sale date to our subscribers or through our retail channels in these regions. We hope to have the issues available around 15 April in Malaysia and around 24 April in the Philippines, but this is dependent on when the lockdown restrictions are lifted. We sincerely apologise for this inconvenience.
Thank you and stay safe!
– The Reader’s Digest team