To make a vegetarian version of this soup, simply replace the chicken with 1⅓ cups (250 g) firm cubed tofu and replace the chicken stock with vegetable stock. You can also replace the spinach [...]
Tofu is highly nutritious and an important staple food for most vegetarians. Try this very delicious dish for grilled marinated tofu.
Plums are a good source of vitamin C, giving them antioxidant properties and also helping to increase the absorption of iron in the body. If fresh plums are unavailable use canned instead.
Zesty orange and warm Chinese spices perfectly complement the rich taste of duck in this stir–fry, which is cooked to tasty perfection with fresh green vegetables and healthy bean sprouts. Duck [...]
Star anise, soy and ginger add wonderful flavours to this deliciously tender pork casserole, simmered with carrots and mushrooms. Rice noodles cooked in exotic, rich juices make this into a [...]
A hoisin and soy marinade adds rich colour and flavour to lean and juicy pork fillets. It makes a wonderful meal that is perfect for entertaining when served with lightly sautéed carrots and [...]
Tossed with bright, crunchy and colourful vegetables, this fried rice is an excellent meal idea for vegetarians, with the tofu providing a boost of protein. With a tasty combination of soy, honey [...]
This light, refreshing soup has flavours that are characteristic of Chinese cookery: sesame, ginger and star anise. The dried mushrooms and shrimp paste add an intense depth to the dish; you'll [...]
A classic Chinese dish. You can eat this dish by itself or as an accompaniment to meat and vegetable dishes.
This delicious crab stir–fry is made with fresh chillies and ginger and flavoured with an unforgettable tangy sauce that you will want to enjoy again and again. Served with steamed rice on the [...]

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