Mild and creamy goat's cheese is melted in saffron–infused white wine and mixed with fennel, olives and capers to make a golden–coloured sauce for pasta shapes. This easy dish [...]
Eggplant adds a lovely flavour and texture to this hearty vegetarian pasta dish that is topped with a crisp layer of breadcrumbs and parmesan. The rich tomato sauce could be made in advance, then [...]
Moist risotto served with a simple side salad makes a satisfying carbohydrate–rich meal, and the risotto can be endlessly varied – all sorts of other vegetables can be used instead of [...]
This simple vegetable and yogurt sauce is ready in as little time as it takes to cook and drain the fresh pasta. It is bursting with fresh flavours and irresistibly creamy, but without the [...]
Choose a variety of exotic and wild mushrooms for this feast of fungi. Their flavours are complemented by rich Marsala in a dish that will fit perfectly into a well–balanced diet – [...]
This quick dish with a creamy sauce is so delicious that everyone will be surprised to learn that the sauce is made from only one ingredient. Colour and texture are provided by broccoli and [...]
Sweet capsicums and warm spices flavour this family–style chilli, made with chicken mince rather than the traditional beef for a lower fat content. It is an ideal cook–ahead dish as [...]
Cooked in a delicious wine–enriched tomato sauce, a nutritious mix of seafood makes an elegant partner for the long thin pasta called spaghettini. Prepare a leafy mixed side salad with a [...]
Here's a new lower–fat version of one of the pasta classics, a full–flavoured meat sauce tossed with spaghetti and served with parmesan. There's less beef than in [...]
This quick main dish can be served hot or cool. The pasta is topped with fetta, which has a fresh, salty flavour that goes well with the pancetta (Italian bacon), chickpeas and tomato in the [...]
Pasta is a convenient and delicious alternative to potato in omelettes, especially if you have some left over from a previous meal. This version, flavoured with ham and packed with vegetables, is [...]
Introduce vegetables to old favourites for healthy family meals. This well–loved pasta dish is delicious with mushrooms, peas and capsicums added. Using a small amount of powerful Roquefort [...]
Here little snail–shaped pasta, called lumache, trap a herby yogurt and tomato dressing so that each one is full of flavour. A refreshing vegetable and fruit salsa brings extra nutritional [...]
All the ingredients for this dish are quickly assembled and cooked, and the result is truly delicious as well as visually impressive. This is definitely a dish to convince anyone who has doubts [...]

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