Less is definitely more with this robustly flavoured, low–fat pasta sauce that just lightly coats the pasta in traditional Italian style. The tagliatelle makes a satisfying [...]
This warming dish appeals to children and adults alike, so it makes an ideal family meal. It is a good example of a dish in which vegetables, pasta and breadcrumbs extend a modest portion of a [...]
This is one of the quickest options for a nutritious family meal – the cheese mixture is prepared in the time it takes the pasta and peas to cook. When you add the hot pasta to the parmesan and [...]
Poached mussels, prawns and scallops bring the flavour of southern Italy to this chilled salad. Black squid-ink pasta would be served in restaurants along the Amalfi coast, but spinach, red [...]
Pasta is easy to prepare and you can make it special with toppings of fresh herbs and a drizzle of good olive oil or a sprinkle of shaved hard cheese. Here are more quick ideas.

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