A woman is feeling unwell, so she goes to her GP. He immediately spots the problem and says to her, “Take this red pill after ...read more

A woman returning from a fishing trip with her husband told her troubles to a neighbour. “I did EVERYTHING wrong again,” she ...read more

As a retiree, I’m often asked what I do to fill my days. Well, for example, the other day my wife and I went into town for a l ...read more

At the airport, just as my flight was called, I noticed the guy next to me knew exactly what he was doing. He had his documents ...read more

Here are our Top Five 180, 181 that are so awful you have to love them…

1. How do you know when you’re going to ...read more

A turtle was walking down a dark alley when he was mugged by a gang of snails. A police detective came to investigate and asked ...read more

About a month before he died, my grandmother covered my grandfather’s back with lard. After that he went downhill very quickly ...read more

While at a convention, Bill, Jim and Scott shared a hotel suite on the 75th floor. After a long day of meetings, they were shock ...read more

At the start of my holiday I make list of odd jobs to be done around the house. At the end of the holiday I make a similar list. ...read more

James and Stephen go into a sweet shop. James stealthily pockets three bars of chocolate and slips out. Gloating, he challenges ...read more

My fruit and vegetable business has unfortunately gone into liquidation. We now sell smoothies.

...read more

The worst thing about being a doctor for the World Health Organisation is people get annoyed when they find out you don’t have ...read more

I hide photos on my computer of me petting animals at the zoo in a file named “Fireworks and vacuums” so my dog won’t find ...read more

I’d like to have a kid, but I’m not sure I’m ready to spend ten years of my life constantly asking someone where his shoes ...read more

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