Flakes of smoked trout, cream cheese and fresh dill combine to make a well–flavoured filling for this light spinach roll. It is much simpler to make than it looks – just make sure [...]
A classic combination as a vegetable dish, cauliflower and cheddar are equally good partners in a soup. Here the cauliflower is gently simmered in milk and stock, then puréed to a velvety, [...]
This satisfying chicken stir–fry, flavoured simply with soy sauce, garlic and ginger, is full of colour and packed with vitamins. It makes an easy meal idea and can be served on its own or with [...]
The ingredients for this salad are presented individually on a platter rather than being mixed together, with a simple tahini–based dressing so everyone can help themselves. Careful and neat [...]
This dish is dramatically different from old–fashioned liver casserole and a great choice for everyday healthy eating. It is bursting with flavour from the bacon, wholegrain mustard, [...]
This velvety smooth soup owes its rich colour to a combination of lentils, parsnips and carrots. With dry sherry and a horseradish–flavoured cream adding to the flavour, it is a perfect [...]
Celeriac makes a rich soup with lots of flavour and a creamy texture. Baby spinach leaves complement the celeriac beautifully, bringing vibrant colour and a light, fresh taste to the soup in the [...]
Coriander and lime juice accentuate the delicate avocado flavour in this refreshing soup. It is simple yet interesting, and ideal for a summer's dinner–party first course or a light [...]
The pleasant aniseed flavour of fresh fennel combines with cannellini beans, green olives, prosciutto and a fresh orange dressing in this appetising warm salad. Serve it with crusty French bread [...]
This unusual salad uses both sweet and tart fruit with cashew nuts to add colour and interest to pretty cauliflower florets, blanched just for a moment to retain their crispness. Roasted cumin [...]
In this colourful salad, the subtle flavour of spinach is enhanced by sweet melon and citrus, and prosciutto adds a savoury touch. You can prepare the dressing in advance, but only assemble the [...]
Good food does not have to be complicated or time–consuming. Raid the pantry and use everyday vegetables from the refrigerator for a warming and heart–healthy meal such as this [...]

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