Asian pork salad makes a terrific lunch idea or light dinner. You can purchase Asian barbecued pork from most Asian butchers or substitute with chicken or pork loin steak or chops, or toss in [...]
Baked in banana leaves, these whole fish, infused with ginger, chilli and lime, are as visually spectacular as they are delicious. Despite their appearance, they are actually very quick and easy [...]
Low–fat fish and vitamin–packed vegetables are cooked using one of the most healthy of all cooking techniques – steaming. Lightly flavoured with ginger, soy sauce and white wine, this satisfying [...]
Sweet red capsicums and tomato passata make a beautiful ruby red soup that is sophisticated yet simple to prepare. Swirled with crème fraîche and accompanied by hot pesto bread, it [...]
While lemon zest and parsley enliven this chicken and vegetable soup, carrots, celery and broccoli ensure that it is full of vitamins. The refreshing flavour stimulates the appetite, making the [...]
This chicken and vegetable casserole makes a satisfying main course all in one pot. A sharp and savoury citrus sauce provides a delicious dip to season the succulent ingredients individually just [...]
Potato and cauliflower are a favourite combination for curry and they are delicious cooked with lentils in a mildly spiced sauce. Served with a fresh carrot chutney and banana and nut raita, this [...]
A mixture of fresh mushrooms is good for making a quick soup that tastes really special. Instead of thickening or puréeing the soup, serving it as a light broth allows the individual [...]
This thoroughly modern casserole is a delicious example of fusion cooking, marrying ingredients and flavours from diverse cuisines. Asian spices, sweet potatoes and fruit flavours go very well [...]
Delicate seafood is complemented by saffron, tomatoes and zucchini in a light but well–flavoured broth. The accompaniment, a piquant spread of creamy ricotta and red capsicum for a [...]
This colourful vegetable casserole is finished with a fresh and punchy mixture of parsley, garlic, lemon zest and toasted almonds, and served with fluffy parmesan polenta. Touches like these can [...]
Based on the Moroccan way of stewing meat with fruit, here lamb is marinated with mushrooms and aromatics, then cooked slowly with dried apricots. Shredded cabbage and fresh mint enliven the [...]

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